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Why you should do home workouts while doing home office?

You want to change and start being more active,  but you have work schedules and sometimes it is difficult to decide whether you workout before, after, or even during  work times. More or less with home office the scheduling has gone rogue on its on.

It’s easy to include exercise and activity to the bottom of your long to-do list. You are likely to have more success at including exercise into your life if you choose activities that appeal to you.

Find your 10 minutes for workout

You can get time for some workout during your time at work,  it should be  incorporated as a routine.  Besides, in a stressful day of work, it is good to relax not only mentally but physically, and the best method is to practice some workout and combine it with work. It will be very beneficial because your body will assimilate much better with daily effort and you will have more energy.

Take a 10 minutes break , and  workout with these simple quick exercises. 


Take your time to relax

Fitness is not only beneficial for your personal life but also the professional. You can relax and disconnect just going for a coffee, or the best one is to take your time for breathing. The following rule 6-9-6 is very useful to keep in calm your mind and relax yourself.


“I don’t have time for workouts”

Don’t be worried if you can not workout at office or at home, always you can get time to be active. We know due to the load of tasks you have, sometimes it is difficult to a stand-up in your chair during your working hours. But you could always take a break. 

These are small activities that you can do to stay active in your work:
  • If you are stuck  at your work desk, stretch your legs out in front of you, raise your arms, roll those shoulders and try trunk rotation.
  • Organise to have standing or walking meetings instead of sitting down.
  • Take the stairs whenever you can, instead of the lift.
  • While talking on the phone, stand up and do a few leg raises or toe stands to strengthen your legs.
  • Get up and go for a drink to the vending machine.

What matters is being active!

Workout at office or at home, it doesn’t matter. What matters is being active.

We can say the advantages of the team doing some workouts have several advantages. Exercising releases muscles tensions, thus reducing contractures and postural injuries. It is known that practicing any workout releases endorphins which makes you feel better, you have an improvement of self-confidence and best motivation for anything you do. Beauty and health are important for a successful and happy life.

Now you have some tips and benefits about whether it is good to maintain an active life while you are working at word, even if you bring your Sculpt Army products.

Tell us about your daily workout routines at work.

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