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What are resistance bands and the 5 ways they are the best fitness gear for you?

The resistance band is a fitness gear for strengthening muscles, which is a wear-resistant rubber latex tube with two plastic handles. Exercising with a resistance band will not only add variety to your workouts but also become an excellent alternative to exercises with dumbbells.

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So, what are the advantages and benefits of exercises with a resistance band, as well as how to choose the right sports equipment for yourself?

The resistance band gives a force load on the muscles, which is created by the resistance of the rubber. Resistance causes the muscles to contract, which stimulates the growth of bone and muscle tissue. Unlike dumbbells, the expander gives tension to the muscles throughout the entire range of motion, providing a more uniform and high-quality load. Exercise training is safe and effective.


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The resistance band is equally effective for the muscles of the upper body (arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs) and the lower body (buttocks, legs).

You can use a resistance band:


  •   In strength training to build muscle
  •    In toning your whole body and increasing muscle endurance
  •   In cardio workouts for burning extra calories


A resistance band is a lightweight and compact type of equipment that will become an indispensable addition to exercise routines at home and outdoors.

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The 5 benefits of resistance bands to make your workouts better!

1. Effective for all muscles

The resistance band is used to effectively train all muscles in the upper and lower body. In this case, you will perform exercises that are already familiar to you, which are also relevant when training with dumbbells (for example, arm curls for biceps, shoulder presses, pulling behind the back, leg curls, squats).


2. Easy to use for both beginners and professionals

The resistance band is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners: the load can be easily adjusted to the level of resistance. In this case, you can use several resistance bands at the same time to increase the load.

3. You can carry your band anywhere

A resistance band can always be taken with you, it is very lightweight and compact. If you go on vacation, a business trip, or often move, it is a suitable alternative for dumbbells. Such equipment does not take up much space in the apartment, unlike bulky exercise machines and free weights.

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4. One of the safest sports equipment

It is a more gentle tool for joints and ligaments than dumbbells or a barbell, therefore it is suitable for the elderly and people with physical limitations. It is one of the safest methods for increasing bone strength and preventing osteoporosis. Moreover, there is no risk of getting injured from dropping a heavyweight



5. Perfect equipment to prevent workout injuries

During exercises with a resistance band, the core muscles are actively working, which are responsible for stabilizing the position of your body in space. This is good prevention for back pain and injury during workouts.  


If you would like to try out more equipment, Sculpt Army prepared a package including a resistance band, jump rope, and a loop band that will help you create a home mini-gym without heavy and bulky equipment.

You can find more insights into how to use the resistance band in our blog. 





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