Sweat Belt – Waist Trainer
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Sweat Belt – Waist Trainer


The Sculpt Sweat Belt & Waist trainer is designed to improve your training by helping to increase thermogenic activity and sweating! Back Support, Suitable for Daily Use 

  • Sauna effect, Sweat more around the waist area
  • Sculpt and trim your waist and tummy
  • Back support & Core Activation
  • Color: Black 

Size Guide: Waistline

S – M : (51cm – 81cm )  L:  (82cm – 94cm )  XL: (95cm – 109cm )  XXL: (110cm – 119cm )


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I got my Sweat Belt in matter of days and the workouts have been amazing!! I used to slouch alot now my body workout form is top notch feel like a Pro 🙂
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All you need is a good resistance band and your home workouts change completely! The band is comfortable and very easy to use with good resistsance
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I do jog alot but during winter and lockdown I needed to keep my cardio routine on Point, The Jump Rope with weights just took my cardio game to the next level love it
Sweat Sculpt

Sauna-effect, Sweat More

Effectively retains body heat to increase sweat around the waist and lower back which results in an improved ‘trimming’ effect around the targeted region.

This will help to get slim and tone up your waistline or abs 

Keeps Core Engage, Back Support & Muscles Warm

The sweat belt has a back support mechanism that maintains your back and shape during and after your workout. 

Engages your core and helps you maintain body heat by keeping your muscles warm

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Sweat Belt Ad

Sweat more, activate the core!

Made of extra thick, latex-free neoprene for an enhanced sweat experience. But don’t worry about the extra sweat, our Waist Trimmer’s grid inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption, but also limit slipping and bunching during your workout.


Most frequent questions and answers

Waist Sculptor is a form belt that keeps your muscles warm during workouts, engages your core, and keep form when a workout or during long sitdowns at office

You can do all kinds of workouts from Cardio & HIIT Workouts to Fully body workouts with with the Sweat Belt and you can even wear it al day

You can wear your sweat belt across your stomach tummy , on top of clothes or directly on your skin. Make sure the back part is welll aligned with your lower back and use the front double velcro to adjust the tightness

You can clean your Sweat Belt with water and brush also feel free to use soap but do not put it on a wash machine

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