Glute Loop Band
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Glute Loop Band


The Glute Loop Resistance Band is Perfect for all leg, Squats, Glutes, and booty workouts

  • Fabric Premium Material
  • 3 Adjustable Resistance Levels in One ( Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • No-slip or Roll-off 
  • Color: Aqua

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I got my Sweat Belt in matter of days and the workouts have been amazing!! I used to slouch alot now my body workout form is top notch feel like a Pro 🙂
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All you need is a good resistance band and your home workouts change completely! The band is comfortable and very easy to use with good resistsance
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I do jog alot but during winter and lockdown I needed to keep my cardio routine on Point, The Jump Rope with weights just took my cardio game to the next level love it

The Adjustable fabric loop band that is made from high quality, highly durable non-tear materials that can withstand intense workouts without snapping, rolling, or sliding. It has adjustable resistance levels to offer various levels of stress. It helps to build muscle, Muscle warmup and strength training 


Adjustable Resistance

the band can be adjusted to multiple levels. You can increase or reduce the resistance to make it light, medium, or heavy by simply using our adjustable mechanism to make it possible to do all workouts with just One band.

Quality Fabric

This adjustable loop band is made with premium quality, highly durable non-tear materials, a combination of cotton, polyester, and latex which is guaranteed to withstand intense workouts without snapping, rolling, or sliding!

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You can do all kinds of workouts from Cardio & HIIT Workouts to Fully body workouts with Muscle targeting fro Biceps, Triceps and other muscle groups.

A Resistance band is a tube with strong resistance to push and contract your muscles when using them enabling you to replicate a gym workout anywhere

Our Loop Band is special with 3 Strength levels and can be used for Legs and arm workouts , Tone your calfs, thighs or for those super squats. Leg Day everyday

Waist Sculptor is a form belt that keeps your muscles warm during workouts, engages your core, and keep form when a workout or during long sitdowns at office

Yes! we want yo to have more than a workout. We share our workout guides, videoes and tutorials for free to get you fit and motivated always.

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