Glute Loop Band Grey
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Glute Loop Band Grey


The Glute Loop Resistance Band is Perfect for all leg, Squats, Glutes, and booty workouts

  • Fabric Premium Material
  • 3 Adjustable Resistance Levels in One ( Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • No-slip or Roll-off 
  • Color: Grey, Black

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The Adjustable fabric loop band that is made from high quality, highly durable non-tear materials that can withstand intense workouts without snapping, rolling, or sliding. It has adjustable resistance levels to offer various levels of stress. It helps to build muscle, Muscle warmup and strength training 


Adjustable Resistance

the band can be adjusted to multiple levels. You can increase or reduce the resistance to make it light, medium, or heavy by simply using our adjustable mechanism to make it possible to do all workouts with just One band.

Quality Fabric

This adjustable loop band is made with premium quality, highly durable non-tear materials, a combination of cotton, polyester, and latex which is guaranteed to withstand intense workouts without snapping, rolling, or sliding!


How to use your Sculpt Loop Band

Start by setting up your loop band, as shown in the video.

The band can be adjusted to your fitting.


Wear your band on your thighs and start your workout. 


  • You can wear your band higher or lower closer to your knees to target different muscles and get multiple resistance. Try this now.
  • Tighten or loosen your band to the most confortable streght! Dont forget to continue challenging yourself by addint the strentgh to your band.


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