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How to reach your healthy goals in only 6 steps

We constantly promise ourselves that we will start exercising more often, improve our fitness, stop eating sweets and love our bodies. But if those goals are based on long-term ideas about how you want to look, we stop being motivated quite fast.

 It’s not that hard to fix the situation – all you have to do is learn to set goals that will bring you short-term benefits every day. By adhering to the idea of how your body will be most comfortable, you will begin to appreciate it more, which means that you will give it as many resources as possible that would keep it in good shape.

1. Set up your healthy goals.

To achieve something, you must at least know what you want to achieve. The more clearly defined the goals, the clearer and shorter the path to achieving them will be.

It’s a very big and common mistake for people to set goals that are too general, such as “I’m going to get in shape this year,” “I’m going to improve my diet,” “I’m going to exercise more,” etc., etc. Instead of choosing vague decisions like improving your fitness, choose tangible fitness-related end goals – for example, completing a 10 km race. People need to take small steps or process goals to make those big goals a reality.

The reality is that our brains have to quantify and see things in order to do something about them. Imagine typing an address into Google Maps with only the street name. It’s much harder to get where you want to go without a specific number. To increase your chances of achieving your goals, try to set specific goals for specific dates.

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 2. Choose your ideal spot to work out.

It is better to choose the right spot for working out where you feel most comfortable and which will attract you the most throughout the year. Visit a few to make sure that it is comfortable and attractive, and the aesthetics are pleasing. You can workout outdoors and indoors with the Sculpt Army Resistance Band or Loop Band, which are light and compact fitness gear that you can take anywhere. A Sweat Belt has a sauna effect, making you sweat more around the waist area, and it is perfect for back support and core activation.

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3. Find your workout partner.

Once you’ve set a goal, it’s important to find other like-minded people to help you stay accountable. Look for a workout partner with similar goals and would offer mutual support to achieve your healthy goals. An accountability partner can remind you of your goals and help you when you are tempted to stray from a healthy lifestyle.

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4. Striking a balance between exercise and rest.

Too much hard work and a constant lack of time to rest and recuperate can lead to burnout. Strive for balance so that you can be as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. Listen to your body. Distinguish between moments when you’re just too lazy to get up earlier for a workout, from days when you really need rest. Do something every day that you consider taking care of yourself – go to bed early, read your favorite book for half an hour. If you are feeling exhausted, take a break from your workouts. For example, cook something unusual, but tasty and healthy.


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5. Maintain a training calendar.

If you write down an important meeting in the calendar, you will not forget about it. Plan even 15-minute sessions to take full responsibility. Schedule your workouts on your calendar at the beginning of each week so you have a plan to begin and follow your healthy goals.

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6. Be grateful every day.

The more you believe in yourself, the more chances you have of achieving your goals. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Look for the good in yourself and say that you are beautiful for a million other reasons. After each workout, just thank your body for working so hard. Write down why you are grateful to your body – how strong your legs are, how fast you can run, or even for the fact that you are just healthy.

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