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reistance band workouts

Gym workouts you can do with Resistance Bands

During these times many people are struggling to keep their fitness habits due to the closure of all gyms and other sports facilities. The fewest among those are able to build a reasonable gym set up in their homes, not just because they don’t have space but also as it is very expensive to buy all sorts of weights, dumbbells, or benches. By now most of you have probably noticed that resistance bands are getting more and more popular. But can these little elastic rubber bands lead to similar results as full gym workouts? The short answer is absolutely YES! 


In the following, we will go through the similarities between bands and weights training but more importantly, point out the benefits of resistance bands and how they can even increase the effectiveness of your workouts. 


Now first things first. In order to exercise and strengthen your muscles, your body needs tension. When exercising with weights, this tension is created by gravity pulling down the weights while your body is trying to work against it. The same tension can result from your muscles pulling a band that has a certain resistance. The only difference here is the source of the force your body needs to overcome. One great example of this is Squats.


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Resistance Band vs. Weights


Resistance bands also allow a free range of movement during an exercise. Just like free weights, they don’t just target a specific muscle but also strengthen your whole core, which is important for maximum muscle development.


Let’s move on to the advantages that resistance bands have compared to weights. One of the biggest benefits of elastic bands is linear variable resistance. Typically we are weaker at the beginning of an exercise motion (e.g. a biceps curl, shoulder press) and get stronger when reaching the top. While weights have a constant resistance throughout the whole motion, resistance bands get stronger, the longer you pull them. This means the resistance increases, just like your own strength during the motion, making the exercise a lot more effective. This also stops you from cheating by swinging up the dumbbell and allows you to do those last reps without a spotting partner helping you to lift the weight to a certain height during the last reps.


Biceps Curls

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When pulling up your arm, you are weaker at the beginning and get stronger the higher you pull. The resistance of the band increases when getting pulled, so you always exercise with full effectiveness.


Furthermore, bands allow resistance in multiple directions. While weights only create resistance when moving them up (against gravity), rubber bands can be stretched in any direction in order to generate tension. For example, you don’t have to lay on your back in order to do chest flies, as the resistance is coming from the band itself. The advantage of this is improved functional strength. As an athlete, you need to transfer your strength from exercises into actual movements, while usually standing on your feet. Your strength shouldn’t just come from one specific muscle, but rather start with the legs you’re standing on, through your body and core. This is why professional athletes and trainers from any sports are using resistance bands. 


Chest Flies



You can do chest flies while standing using the Resistance Band. This doesn’t just stabilize your core and legs but also allows you to use your full muscle power during real motions like punching or throwing. And no need for an extra bench at home.


Beyond that, resistance bands are very lightweight and small so you can carry them anywhere you want, allowing you to not just work out at home but also outdoors during the summer or while traveling. And the best part is: All this comes at an affordable price. 


Here are some further exercises comparing bands with weights.


Side Arm Raises


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Resistance Band vs. Weights


Cable Row


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The Resistance Band allows you to do cable rows while standing. This strengthens your legs and core as well. All you need is a spot to wrap the Resistance Band around.


Overhead Triceps Extension

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Resistance Band vs. Weights


All in all it can be said that resistance bands are not just little gadgets to play around with at home during your days off. They should be seen as a reasonable alternative to gym workouts and can even improve the effectiveness of your training. Don’t waste this time putting your fitness journey on pause. Start making home workouts more efficient than ever before. Step up your fitness game.

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