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Best 8 workouts to get you active at the office

Everyone who works in the office has experienced situations when there is not enough time for a break, not to mention fitness classes. Moreover, NHS recommends doing 150 minutes of exercises per week and reducing sitting time to avoid the risk of diseases and inactivity. To prevent this from happening and improve your health at […]

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Why is the loop band the best lightweight gear for working out everywhere?

The Loop Band is one of the greatest fitness gear for working out both indoors and outdoors. The loop band is perfect for performing booty workouts as well as for legs, as it increases the load, which makes the workouts more effective. Everyone can use them, whether people are beginners or already at an advanced […]

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What are the physical and mental health benefits when you start doing yoga?

Yoga is not just a set of exercises that improve your health. This is a special way of life that allows you to achieve harmony between the physical and psychological state, to find in yourself new potential and hidden capabilities of the body. The essence of yoga is not limited to physical training, it is […]

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What are resistance bands and the 5 ways they are the best fitness gear for you?

The resistance band is a fitness gear for strengthening muscles, which is a wear-resistant rubber latex tube with two plastic handles. Exercising with a resistance band will not only add variety to your workouts but also become an excellent alternative to exercises with dumbbells. So, what are the advantages and benefits of exercises with a resistance […]

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Why you should do home workouts while doing home office?

You want to change and start being more active,  but you have work schedules and sometimes it is difficult to decide whether you workout before, after, or even during  work times. More or less with home office the scheduling has gone rogue on its on. It’s easy to include exercise and activity to the bottom […]

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Best christmas gift for your loved ones

This Christmas is unlike any other Christmas due to pandemics, quarantines, and lockdowns that have been happening all over the world. However, Christmas is a cheerful moment and we would like to show our loved ones that we care and we are with them either far or near. If you are looking for a gift […]

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Gym workouts you can do with Resistance Bands

During these times many people are struggling to keep their fitness habits due to the closure of all gyms and other sports facilities. The fewest among those are able to build a reasonable gym set up in their homes, not just because they don’t have space but also as it is very expensive to buy […]


Top 3 ways to make Home workouts a habit

Let’s face it: Maintaining a home fitness regimen is easier said than done. At first glance, it seems convenient and straightforward. But, most people who dedicate themselves to the process barely last longer than a week. Today, we’ll go over three actionable tactics you can use to make home workouts a habit. 1. Start Small […]