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Best christmas gift for your loved ones

This Christmas is unlike any other Christmas due to pandemics, quarantines, and lockdowns that have been happening all over the world. However, Christmas is a cheerful moment and we would like to show our loved ones that we care and we are with them either far or near. If you are looking for a gift this season it’s best you give them something more and different this year and we have the perfect gift guide for you.

This Christmas we will get together with family and friends and enjoy dinners, lunches, and parties either physically or virtually  We at Sculpt Army encourage you to do fun active things together such as fitness challenges and fun workouts. Best of all, thanks to zoom & facetime you can also do this with your friends and family who are from home. We have already done it!



Here are some of the gifts we recommend that you can add to your cart today.

  1. Waist Sculptor 

Do not worry about the weight, everything can be controlled, and return to your physical shape and maintain your figure. It’s always easier with a Waist sculptor to accelerate weight loss. This product is ideal for this Christmas, especially when we spend ourselves with such ostentatious meals.

This product can be used by everyone. It’s okay if you don’t have training routines or you haven’t gotten into shape yet. Because its adjustable system adapts to any figure.



2. Essential Starter Kit

These dates are very special, we want you to not lose the physical form that you have achieved so far. That is why we encourage you to have it at home. Essential Starter Kit Black

This product is perfect to have at home or even as a gift this Christmas. Because when these parties are over we will go crazy to train again and return to routines. And this time we will have the Essential Starter Kit Black with us to be able to accompany us anywhere.


3. Special Holiday Package

Many times we go crazy to find the perfect gift, however, we have it very close. Who doesn’t like to feel good and be in shape? This Christmas we propose the solution to your gifts, the Holiday Package! You can find in the box, all the products from Sculpt Army:

  • Jump rope
  • Gray loop Band
  • Resistance Band
  • Workout-gift card

IMG 0640


4. Gift Cards

If you want to give some of our products this Christmas we also give you the option of gift cards! You can also choose between different prices: 25€, 50€, 75€ 

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From the Sculpt Army team, we wish you a Merry Christmas! Follow us on our social media and share your Christmas workout with us! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.


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