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8 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat on Empty Stomach

What are the 8 foods you shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach?

After a long break between meals, our stomach becomes especially vulnerable. We will tell you what foods should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

It seems that you can eat everything when you are hungry because when we feel hungry we want to fill our stomach with any kind of food without thinking of the effect of certain foods. In fact, a strong cup of coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice and a croissant is not as healthy for mornings as it seems. In this article, we will tell you which foods are better not to eat on an empty stomach.


Eating a cake is the same as eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast, and it sounds pretty tempting, while for the body it is a direct path to diabetes. The fact is that our pancreas can hardly handle the huge dose of insulin that comes with various sweets and causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Try to give up all kinds of desserts altogether, get rid of sugar addiction, and choose something healthier for breakfast, but no less tasty and satisfying.

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Bananas that are completely harmless on their own, eaten on an empty stomach, are more likely to do more harm than good. A large amount of magnesium and potassium contained in this fruit can unbalance the magnesium-potassium balance in the body and, as a result, harm the cardiovascular system. If you eat a banana after the main meal, its beneficial properties and all vitamins will be absorbed much better.

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Many of us simply cannot imagine a good day starting without a cup of strong, freshly brewed coffee. Many myths have formed about its alleged harm or absolute benefits. Despite the fact that the arguments “for” decisively outweigh the arguments “against”, there are still some contraindications regarding an invigorating drink. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, it contributes to the excessive production of gastric juice, which leads to irritation of the mucous membranes and mild discomfort, and in the worst-case scenario – to gastritis or even an ulcer.

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4.Cold fizzy drinks

All cold drinks that you start your day with directly affect the complex metabolic process in the body, which already needs constant support. It is better to drink a glass of still warm water before breakfast: this way you start the digestion process, help speed up the metabolism, prevent dehydration, and make your skin feel good. Simple water helps to flush out the toxins from your body and start your day fresh.

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5.Yeast-containing foods

Baked foods containing yeast are not the best choice if you are really hungry. It is yeast products that are the main culprits in the fact that after eating we suffer from increased gas production, as well as feel a sense of heaviness and discomfort. If you can’t refuse hot pastries for breakfast, try cooking them without yeast: for example, you can indulge yourself even with your favorite pancakes.

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6.Spicy food

Foods that are too spicy or contain various spices, eaten on an empty stomach, can easily cause heartburn and stomach pain, as well as contribute to various disorders in the digestive system. The same goes for, for example, onions or garlic: the latter is a rich source of allicin, a substance that irritates the stomach lining

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You might not decide to start your day with a breakfast that only contains tomatoes, but if you like to have a few cherry tomatoes as a snack, remember that tomatoes are famous for their high acid content, which increases gastric secretion, causing heartburn and discomfort. By the way, persimmons, potatoes, and citrus fruits have about the same effect on our body: they either should not be eaten on an empty stomach or must be “diluted” with other foods.

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8.Green vegetables

Green raw vegetables contain amino acids and other substances that are quite aggressive to the gastric mucosa. If you regularly eat breakfast or snack exclusively on vegetables, one day the body may start signaling diseases such as gastritis or ulcers. Choose fresh vegetables as a side dish with the main course, it is even better to steam them and have a healthy dinner with lean poultry and steamed veggies. 


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